Smile Bus

Convenient and FREE Smile Bus Service for Students to Attend Dental Appointments

Schedule Hassle-Free Orthodontic Appointments With Our Smile Bus Service

Dr. Brian D. Miller and the entire staff at Brian D Miller DMD are proud to provide the Smile Bus service.

The Smile Bus is a five-passenger Hummer H2 designed to transport students to and from orthodontic appointments that are scheduled during school hours - FREE of charge.

While orthodontic offices around the country have implemented similar services with great success, we are the first orthodontic office in Northeast Pennsylvania to offer this service.

Smile Bus Service - A Breather for Working Parents and Guardians

The Smile Bus will make life easier for our patients' families! We recognize the challenges that working parents and guardians encounter when trying to schedule orthodontic appointments around work schedules.

With the Smile Bus, this will no longer be a concern. After each appointment, a “Report Card” will be issued via email to the responsible party with any important information regarding the appointment.

The Smile Bus is not only convenient, but also a fun and unique way for patients to "Smile in Style" to and from their appointments while limiting time away from school.

From Hummer rides with friends and video games in the waiting room to cool movie glasses and televisions to watch during appointments, we strive to give our patients a positive and enjoyable orthodontic experience.

Thank you for choosing us. We look forward to seeing you on the bus – The Smile Bus!
Call us today to schedule an appointment for our Smile Bus service.
To qualify for the Smile Bus service, a permission slip is required. Appointments are on a first come, first serve basis.
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